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OneDayCab Elevator has a better way…well actually, it's a MUCH better way!

We’ve designed a system of standardized kits to renovate your elevator interior that eliminate all that unnecessary cost and downtime.  And best of all?  It meets all elevator code and quality standards, and…dun dun dun!  It installs in just a day!

And if you’re worried about not measuring everything just perfect, well don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it at all!  We offer a 100% measurement guarantee so you can be positive that you’re covered.

1) Select your interior.

2) Submit your order form

3) Schedule the installation with your elevator company

With a measurement guarantee, what do you have to lose?

We are a Team dedicated to delivering

OneDayCab Elevator Team: WOW Service and Experience

WOW Pricing – You Buy Direct From the Manufacturer at Wholesale

WOW Delivery – All Models in Stock and Ready to Ship Directly to You in RECORD TIME

WOW Installation Support – Easy to Follow Installation Instructions, Videos & Phone Support

WOW Quality – Finely Tuned Production and Dedicated to Constant improvement

WOW Employees – The Whole TEAM is dedicated to Delivering a WOW Experience